Dulcelissa by Melissa

Hi lovelies! My name is Melissa and welcome to my new blog Dulcelissa by Melissa.
The name Dulce (Dolce) means sweet in Spanish and Italian and my name Melissa means honey bee and sweet, hence the name!

About me:
I am 26 years old from Melbourne and I absolutely love everything fashion, makeup and the like! I have a passion for it, so I decided that I would share my love with you all.

What this blog is all about:
This blog will share with you all my passion and ideas about fashion and makeup!
I will be posting up youtube videos of makeup tutorials and makeup reviews (hauls), makeup tips, style advice and all things fashion. My channel is makeup by Dulcelissa http://www.youtube.com/makeupbydulcelissa

I also have an Instagram account, @dulcelissa, were I will be posting photos of makeup and outfit looks and anything that I really want to share with you all.
Please follow me and subscribe to my Instagram and YouTube Channel.

For professional makeup enquiries, company sponsors and reviews, please contact me on ozdulcelissa@gmail.com
Enjoy lovelies and remember stay sweet!

I have three upcoming videos that will be on youtube, so please check them out.
Sneak peak – video 1- glam summer afternoon look! Check out the photos below. Image

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