Fresh Fun Outfit – Richmond Melbourne

Hi Lovelies,

I wanted to share with you all this fresh fun fashion outfit, which I recently wore on a dinner date to Meat Mothers in Richmond, Melbourne.

The main focus of this outfit, were my Poke White heels from Lipstick shoes. I have wanted these shoes for a while and recently decided to invest in them. They are very versatile and can be worn with jeans, shorts, shirts and dresses.

This outfit is perfect for any sort of outing whether it be dinner, drinks or hanging with some girlfriends. The look is fun, fresh and classy, having the white against the light denim is clean and crisp. It has a feminine edge with a slight rocker vibe.

I paired my cute heels from Lipstick shoes, with my favourite light denim boyfriend jeans from Dotti, which I have been obsessed with and my gorgeous dressy white top from Zara. Each item I was wearing was not more than $79.95, this is proof that you can look great and on trend without spending large amounts of money.

For accessories, I wore my favourite Tiffany and Co, Return to Tiffany mini heart tag bead bracelets, Tiffany and Co Twist knot earrings, Michael Kors Camille Chronograph watch, black and white JAG handbag and Tory Burch sunglasses.

I enjoyed wearing this outfit and will definitely wear it again. I hope you get inspired and try to recreate this look in a way that suites you.

My fresh fun out fit

My fresh fun out fit

My fun fresh outfit

My fun fresh outfit

Top: Zara (Basic)

Pants: Dotti, boyfriend jeans

Shoes: Poke White heels from Lipstick shoes

Sunglasses: Tory Burch

Watch: Michael Kors Camille Chronograph watch

Top 3 Makeup tips for brown eyes!

Hi Lovelies,

For all my brown eyed beauties, here are my top 3 tips to having smouldering brown eyes!

1. For deep brown eyes – If your eyes are dark brown, medium to dark shades of eye shadow will work for you. Try plum, forest green or charcoal grey. The best shades are dark brown, mauve, gold and bronze.  

2. For medium brown eyesMedium to light brown eyes can try green, violet or bronze shades. Medium brown eyes can wear almost any colour of eye makeup. Experiment by pairing neutral shadow with metallic eyeliner in copper or bronze for a dramatic evening look.

3 . For light brown eyes – Avoid using black eyeliner, use dark brown or other colours instead. For something a bit different, apply a neutral shade of shadow on the lid, a darker hue of the same colour in the crease, then line your eyes in gold or green to reflect the flecks of colour in your iris. If your eyes are hazel, try champagne tones with violet, bronze or brown liner.

I hope this helps, try these tips out and see if you can notice the difference.

Stay sweet xoxo

Mac Beauty Marked eyeshadow

Mac Beauty Marked eyeshadow

Mac Antiqued eyeshadow