Makeup Tips #4 – Eyeshadow

Hi lovelies,

When it comes to eyeshadow, one of the more favoured techniques is the smokey eye.

To widen your eyes, use a lighter shade in the inner corner and fan outwards with a darker shade.

Hint 1 – Applying the eyeshadow with a brush will give your eyes a transparent look, which is always best.

Hint 2 – A small touch of iridescent powder on your corner of your eyelids will make them look larger, as well as a lighter shade dusted on your brow bones just under the eyebrows.

Hint 3 – An essential component of a smokey eye is creating the v shape on the outer corner of the eye and remember always blend your eyeshadow.

My favourite brushes – Sigma beauty makeup brushes.

I hope this helps.

Stay sweet xoxo

Smokey eye

Smokey eye


Makeup Tip #2 Eye Pencils

Makeup tips #2 – Eye Pencils

Did you know that eye kohl pencils should be warmed up first with your hands, this will make the colour more dramatic when applied on your eyes or water line.

Hint – Apply your kohl pencil between your lashes for greater depth. Lightly pulling on your eyelid will help draw colour underneath. Finish off the look by smudging the liner with a brush but beware of closing off the outer corner, it can result in a heavy look.

My favourite eye pencil is MAC cosmetics eye Kohl pencil in TEDDY.

Hope this helps!

Stay sweet xo

Mac Eye Kohl Pencil

Mac Eye Kohl Pencil